Hello, Welcome, Happy Birthday!

Hi everyone, welcome to the idea a day blog.  The purpose of this blog is to start sharing some of the random Web 2.0 ideas I come up with on a near-daily basis.  Most of these will suck, but this is just a fun exercise to challenge me to start brainstorming some new ideas and hopefully start some interesting conversations and make some new friends.

 First, a quick shout-out to Mr. Steve Poland, who was the inspiration for this blog.  If you want to see a real idea blog, check out TechquilaShots.com.  Also, another great site to check out is CambrianHouse.com.  This is a great site for people to post ideas, work on community projects, and share in any resulting revenue.  Definitely a lot of fun for all you idea junkies out there.

 Enough with the chit-chat, off to post my first idea.  Thanks for visiting, and if you see an idea you like (or hate), please comment!  Also, feel free to steal any of the ideas posted here.  To me, ideas are pretty worthless, the real value is in the development, marketing, etc…  Any ideas that I have I would love to see come to life.  I’m not going to do it.  Someone probably has or will do something similar in the near future.  Why not you?

 Oh yeah, and happy birthday!  To me.  The big 28.  Yeah.  All right, on to idea #1…


2 responses to “Hello, Welcome, Happy Birthday!

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