Scoble – you suck!

Have you guys checked out Robert Scoble’s new Scoble Show?  Man, what a stinker!  Here are the top ten five things I would rather do on my computer other than watch the Scoble Show:

5.  Work

4.  Spend 3 hours burying new Digg posts because they are duplicates/inaccurate/etc…

3.  Write a rebuttal to every anti-Microsoft comment on a Slashdot post

2.  Convince all of my friends to spend 30 minutes creating a profile on my new social networking site – “Sure, it’s only got 80 users now, but trust me, this is going to be the next MySpace!”

1.   Watch a 60 minute video featuring some random geeks I’ve never heard of, some shaky camera work…oh wait, nevermind…

 Seriously, whatever you do, DO NOT check out Robert Scoble’s Scoble Show, especially not this episode featuring the founder of Castfire.  Or this one about Odesk, a fantastic service I use all the time to save a ton of money/time on web development.  Or this interview with Jonathon Swartz.  Suck suck suck.  🙂


One response to “Scoble – you suck!

  1. Quick note for anyone not coming from the brilliant Scobleizer website – I actually love the guy! He was begging for hate mail in exchange for a link and I took the bait. We used to work in the same group at MS, I don’t know him personally but his was the first blog I ever read on a regular basis and got hooked from there. In closing: Scoble – you don’t really suck!

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