Startup #3 – Food Me

There are lots of local restaurant sites out there. How to stand out? Simplify! Imagine a desktop widget that loops a series of tasty-looking pictures from nearby restaurants’ menus. The widget would show three things – the food, the price, and a “Food Me” button. If you see something that looks good, just click the button and the food will be delivered right to your office, home, dorm room, etc..

The set-up would be similar to Amazon’s one-click feature, where you enter your address and billing information, provide information about the type of food you generally like, etc.. Local restaurants would pay for the ability to market their food directly to “Food Me” users and work with a “Food Me” account manager to set everything up (menus, pictures, workflow for the restaurant to deliver food).

 Thoughts or comments?  Are there any good restaurant delivery sites out there that could be potential partners?  Am I the only one hoping and praying for the return of Kozmo?


2 responses to “Startup #3 – Food Me

  1. You and me both eagerly await Kozmo’s return. I still have my handy Kozmo bottle opener ready at a moments notice!

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