Startup #6 – XBox Life Achievements

One reason the XBox platform is so popular is because of an incentive program called “Achievements”. Each game has 20-30 different challenges of varying difficulty – once you complete the challenge you unlock an achievement and earn some points. The achievements become a permanent part of your profile and the points you earn across games get added up into a single score that represents how good of a gamer you are.

My idea is a real-life version of achievements. There would be a set of several hundred achievements to unlock. Users would log into the site, choose the achievements they have already completed, and get a list of new achievements to work towards. Widgets could be added to user’s Facebook (or MySpace) pages displaying their lastest achievements and total score.


Attended the Super Bowl (or Stanley Cup finals) – 20 points

Went on separate dates with two guys/girls on the same night – 10 points

Won three consecutive games of beer pong – 15 points

I was thinking back to when I was in college in the dorm and we’d be sitting around playing video games and bored out of our skulls.  This would be a great way to get the kids out into the world with a list of new and interesting things go do.

This idea was inspired by a post on Jeff Sandquist’s blog, one of my co-workers and the brains behind the fantastic work being done over on Channel 9 and 10.  Also, this is similar to the project Daniel and team are doing over at 43 Things.  That site rocks, definitely check it out.

Thoughts on this one?  Am I the only one who thinks that widgets are the new black?  Or is that Twitter?


2 responses to “Startup #6 – XBox Life Achievements

  1. How would you “standardize” the pointing system? Meaning, I love football, you love hockey. I think 20 points for the Stanley Bowl ( 😉 ) is WAY too much. 50 points should be awarded for attending (read: spending boucoup) bux to attend the Super Bowl.

    And would you think about different generational achievements? Might be something good from the perspective of attempting to target a variety of niche markets.

  2. love this idea… it’d get me to go do things!

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