Startup #7 – The AntiTwitter: Macroblog

Holy crap.  Seems like every blogger I follow has caught Twitter fever.  Symptoms include drooling, brain thrashing, and vision problems.  My all-time favorite blogger Mr. Scoble coined an interesting phrase that was the inspiration for today’s idea.  The concept is “microblogging” – blogging that is stripped down to it’s simplest elements.  It’s like if you take a blog, distill it into a liquid form, and shoot it directly into your veins.

So, if microblogging is the next big thing, I’m going to predict the next next big thing: macroblogging!  Instead encouraging people to make a million little posts about their everyday thoughts, this site allows people to think very carefully about a single post that they want to share with the world.  These posts would then be filtered (see options below) and the top posts would be broadcast via simultaneous displays on roadside electronic billboards, displays at retail stores, widgets, flash banners, etc…  Basically any electronic surface where you could purchase ad space is fair game. 

Each post would get approximately 5 minutes of airtime across all of the displays.  The posts that air the following day are decided on 24 hours in advance, and the featured users would be notified of the exact time slot that their post would be displayed.  This would give them plenty of time to notify their friends and family and get the camera ready to capture their 5 minutes of fame.

There are a few options to determine which posts to feature.  First, you could do a simple Digg-like voting scheme.  You could also use one of my favorite filtering techniques: money.  Users would choose their desired time slot and agree to pay a minimum amount for that time.  If another user wanted that slot, they would need to bid a slightly higher amount, basically an auction to purchase desired time slots.

Twitter?  Twitter twitter twitter twitter?  Twitter twitter?  Twitter twitter twitter..aww, crap, I caught it…


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