Startup #9 – My 2nd Brain

Each day I’m forced to remember little things like a sucker. Where did I park? What time is my restaurant reservation? What’s my flight number?  When’s my next dentist appointment?  Why should I have to remember all this crap, can’t I make the Internet do this work for me?

My idea is a service that keeps track of all those little life details and feeds them back to you wherever you are. To save a reminder, you simply call a phone number, say the catagory, and then provide the details. Later, when you want to retrieve the details, you call a different number, say the catagory, and the system plays back your message.

Example: You are shopping with your wife in November and she says “I love this necklace! This would make a perfect gift (hint, hint).” As soon as she’s out of earshot, you could call 555-1000, say “wife gift”, then “silver necklace at Macy’s”. A month later when you are at the store trying to buy her Christmas present, you’d call 555-1001, say “wift gift”, and the system would playback your message. You’d also be able to log into and see a list of all reminders you’ve recorded.

Any astute Web 2.0 junkies would know that this is pretty much the idea behind  If anything, this is a tribute post to the amazing work they have done and a recognition that this is the beginning of what may be a pretty big market that needs some competitors (check out the interview below – 206!).  The differentiator here is the ability to save the reminder under a specific keyword. This is a much more structured approach that focuses more on finding and retrieving specific data as opposed to storing and sharing free-form data.

The big question here – is it a good idea to build out this idea when Jott could easily add this feature and eliminate your competitive advantage?  Are there some other differentiators that could be added to this basic concept?  Has anyone seen my keys?

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2 responses to “Startup #9 – My 2nd Brain

  1. Don’t know much about jott, but I’d imagine the way to compete, realistically about ideas like this one of yours that are active in the market place are to either go work for that company (which none of us are going to do!) or simply create more and better features.

    For instance, I’d love to be able to drop an IM to my2ndBrain and have it update my account with little snippets of thoughts as I think of them. Or how about creating a FF extension that would allow me to highlight something on the page, right click and send it to 2ndBrain account.

    These sort of features are how to compete, methinks.

  2. Great ideas, James, I like it a lot. That’s a cool thing about this blog, it’s a good way to get thoughts from people who use different toys. For instance, I don’t IM much anymore and don’t use FF, so these are two features I would have never thought of.

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