Startup #10 – Fat Pile of Cash

Picture this. You pull into the office at 8am. You spend three hours working on a PowerPoint presentation, four hours crunching a quarterly budget report in Excel, and two more hours answering Email before heading home. A week later you get a paycheck automatically deposited to your bank account. But overall, pretty boring, right?

Now picture this scenario. You complete a PowerPoint presentation, your boss comes into your office and hands you $40 in cash. After the budget report? $55 bucks! Then another $20 or so just for sending some Emails!! And that trip to the bathroom with your copy of USA Today tucked discreetly under your arm?  $5.  Cash is a great motivator for those of us who love immediate gratification.

Here’s the idea. A widget that monitors the work that you do and presents a running total of exactly how much you are earning for doing that task. You type in your yearly salary and the widget automatically calculates how much cash you earn per minute. It would be a fun (or maybe depressing) way to track what you are earning for completing your tasks.

What do you guys think?  Anyone else on the widget bandwagon?  Shhhh…I just got paid $3 for this blog post…


One response to “Startup #10 – Fat Pile of Cash

  1. Damn, I had to pay $3.24 to read this frickin’ post

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