You Might Be A Geek

Regardless of what your mom may tell you, you might be a geek if…

– You own over 50 t-shirts. Most of them are black. You only paid for three of them.

– You’ve ever flamed a podcast for not having OGG support.

– You’re not gay, but if you were, you’d have a major crush on Kevin Rose.

– Your initial description of any new beer uses a variation of the word “hop”.

– You’ve spent an entire day getting Open GL running on SuSe just for the “Window Wobble” effect.

– You went to the midnight showing of any Star Wars movie, but only to make fun of the dressed-up nerds.

– You now have the Mario Bros. theme stuck in your head.

– You’ve stopped fixing computers unless A) you’re getting paid or B) the girl is smoking hot.

– You refuse to use a technology product because of a deep-seeded belief that it is evil.

– You buy a special brand of contacts because the standard ones aren’t thick enough.

– You think anything, and I mean anything, that is even slightly related to ninjas is automatically cool.

– You can concisely explain why LAN parties suck and XBox Live is awesome.

– You’re embarassed to admit that your high school yearbook picture bears a stricking resemblance to Blake Ross.

Happy Friday, hope you enjoy your weekend!


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