Find the Fake prize update and Steve’s new gig

Big news today – Steve Poland of the Techquilia Shots blog annouced that he’s starting a new venture called “Ringside Startup“.  He’ll be taking one of his ideas from his blog (which was the inspiration for this site) and developing it into a fully-functioning web startup. 

I personally think it’s a fantastic idea.  To help him raise the necessary funds to get started, I’m going to change the prize for this week’s “Find the Fake” contest – the winner will get a $50-level sponsership in his/her name which can be used to plug a website, send a message, whatever you choose. 

A quick note: for legal reasons I’ll actually be the one making the donation and posting the sponsership, but I’ll ask the winner for suggestions of what name/domain and message to post.  I know, it’s stupid, but gotta play by the rules, eh?

I’d definitely encourage you to check out the site and if you’ve got the extra cash, throw a little in Steve’s direction.  Think of it as tuition into a really interesting college course – Ideapreneuring 101.


6 responses to “Find the Fake prize update and Steve’s new gig

  1. I think I need the prize:D

    I would like to donate but I’m here overseas far far away…can’t fill out all the columns required by Ringside’s paypal bill info.

  2. @Tim – lucky for you, I only have a few readers so the odds are in your favor! 🙂

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