Startup #12 – Number One Super Cool Fan Club

Have you ever dreamed of being the president of the Bob Saget fan club?  What if you could be the one to start up a fan club for that local band that’s going to be the next big thing?  How about member #5 of the I Heart Bald Chicks fan club?

The basic idea is a site where you could join fan clubs or create your own.  They could range from serious to stupid, everything from real celebrities/bands to a fan club for the cute girl that copies your math homework.  Popular clubs would be elevated to the front page and club members would be able to interact using all the typical social networking features.

Overall site design would be very kitchy – maybe either a psuedo-japanese-game-show theme or a late-80’s Tiger Beat theme.  Also, there’s easy money to be made by selling t-shirts, oversized buttons, framed certificates, etc…

Anyone interested in joining the crappy ideas fan club?  Think this is a real idea or a fake?  Vote now for a chance to become a featured sponsor on Steve Poland’s new Ringside Startup site.


2 responses to “Startup #12 – Number One Super Cool Fan Club

  1. might be the platform for this.

  2. @Steve – Just checked out Ning, very cool! It’s one of those services I’ve heard a lot about but haven’t explored. Wish I had time to dig into the APIs…sigh…

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