Startup #13 – House Party 4: The Return

One of my new year’s resolutions was to insert at least one Kid N Play reference into a casual conversation each day.  Does this count?

Anyway, quick background for this idea.  Back in the day we used to throw big parties where we’d basically open up our craphole college house, turn down the lights, throw up the music, and party.  Over the years I fine-tuned my party throwing skills into an art form.  First you had to build the buzz by crafting a humorous Email to blast out to 500 of your closest friends, along with a VIP invite to the cool kids.  Timing was key (Wednesday evening) and whatever you do, don’t forget to bcc!  Then you need to decide how many kegs/cups/ice to get, put together a playlist of music (very key!) taking into account the theme if necessary.  There are plenty of other little things that can make or break the party (lighting, keg placement, etc..), and when it’s all over you need to clean up and figure out all the money stuff.

See where I’m going with this?  It’s a party-planning site that walks you through the details of throwing the ultimate house party.  The site would be broken down into various functions, roughly what I outlined above.  Users could network with their fellow party throwers to share their playlists, techniques, themes, etc..  The key is bringing it all together in a fun way that also adds a ton of value. 

The inspiration for this idea came from the Kegulator.  Check it out, it’s a great little site.

This one is so bad it’s gotta be a fake!  Or is it…?  Anyone interested in joining the Christopher Reid Fan Club?


2 responses to “Startup #13 – House Party 4: The Return

  1. Man this one is really bad! I hope it’s a fake! Have you even been to a party? if so how many computer’s could your network support?

  2. @DAN!!!!!!! – Ummmm…who’s the one who is really into Magic: The Gathering? Yeah, I thought so.

    And I upgraded my router to a T8-363 after that one incident. I can support 8 computers now.

    BTW, I think we found a townhome, you’re going to help us move! And my work team wants to do a rafting trip (maybe).

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