Startup #14 –


Health insurance companies lose billions each year due to people heading to the emergency room over the slightest cough or runny nose. Anything that could save even a few trips to the doctor could be very valuable to the right company.

The idea behind is simple. Cough into a microphone and the site tells you whether you’ve likely got a bad case of bronchitis or just need to hock a quick lugie. While the front end looks simple enough, it would use advanced signal processing in the backend to look for tell-tale signs of various diseases. It would also have a few simple questions to help reduce the chance of a false diagnosis.

Don’t have a mic?  No problem!  Just dial 1-800-COUGHRR, wait for the prompt, and cough away.  You might get a series of yes/no questions to answer, and then you’d receive your preliminary diagnosis.

OK.  I’ve had some bad ideas in the past, but this one really blows!  Is it a fake?  Or is does it just plain suck?  Guess correctly and you could win $50 worth of free advertising on Steve Poland’s Ringside Startup site.


7 responses to “Startup #14 –

  1. In Asia, Health insurance companies makes billions they filed bankruptcy before somebody ask for a pay back

  2. haha, Interesting! But I choose this one as a fake!

    This service is useful, but still far away from implementing! 😛

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  4. This one has to be fake. I don’t even need to read the rest. Interesting idea, though. 🙂

  5. FAKE. I’m pretty sure that even if this wasn’t fake, it would fail miserably.

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