Startup #15 –

You’re cool. Why not make some cash off your popularity? Let’s say you’re a hardcore MySpacer. You’ve got hundreds of friends and tons of visitors each day. You’re a marketer’s dream – getting a widget on your page can start a viral chain reaction. That can be extremely valuable to the widget owner. And since you were instrumental in getting it into the public eye, why shouldn’t you get a piece of the pie?

My idea is a platform where widgeteers looking for an audience can post their widgets and offer a cash-per-click rate. You choose cool (or high-paying) widgets to display on your site, and for each user that clicks-through, you get paid. The best part? The MySpacer doesn’t need to embed each widget in their site by hand. Instead, they do a one-time embed and the site automatically feeds the selected widgets to your site. You’d be able to swap out poorly performing widgets and pick hot new ones as often as you want through the IamCool site.

Still need help visualizing this one? Think AdSense for widgets.

One more day in the contest!  Fake?  Guess correctly and you could win $50 worth of free advertising on Steve Poland’s Ringside Startup site.  If you’re stumped, check out some past blog posts – may just find a hint or two…


2 responses to “Startup #15 –

  1. haha,
    this is a great idea! I think it could work!

    I just arrived on your blog, very enthusiastic, original contents, good ideas 🙂


  2. Thanks, Livia! Out of all my ideas, this is one of my favorites. Checked out your site – good music picks, I’m way into the Eels, too!

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