Startup #16 – Inspiration Engine

I was going to post an idea about a Twitter add-on that shared your favorite music tracks, but Pluggd beat me to the punch.  Well played, Pluggd.  Well played indeed.  Instead, check out this idea for an inspiration engine for designers.

Imagine you’re a designer who is looking to come up with a slick new design for your latest Web x.0 project. You’re out of ideas and need some inspiration ASAP. Last month’s design magazine was a bore and you don’t have time to run down to IKEA to find your creative muses. Instead, you head over to the Inspiration Engine website where you get a random sampling of some of the sickest, dopest, most sweetly-designed sites on the web today.

The site would prompt you to install a simple toolbar (similar to StumbleUpon). To find inspiration, you would click a button and you’d instantly be whisked away to a (precached) site with an amazing design. You could vote if you like the site or not, and move on to the next random site when you are ready. The sites would be chosen by a team of professional designers, and users could submit new sites to be added as well.

That’s it, all five entries are in.  Can you guess the fake?  Guess correctly and you could win $50 worth of free advertising on Steve Poland’s Ringside Startup site.  You’ve got until 10pm Saturday to make your choice – just post a comment including the word “fake”, only one guess per IP address!


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