Startup #17 – Twitter Is Weird – *Launched* (beta, of course)


So.  Last night I was brainstorming a few ideas for the upcoming week and came up with a dumb little idea for a Twitter visualization.  I thought it might be fun to put two recent Twitter posts side by side and see if, by chance, there might be a connection.  For instance, someone asking a question like “Where is a good place to get a burrito at 2am in Nashville?” and someone else posting a random Twitter (tweet?) like “in the women’s room at the Aerosmith concert”.   And then, what if instead of using the picture from the user’s account, why not do it in a cartoonish style, just to make it a little more fun?  I actually had a few free hours, so I sat down with my laptop and a few beers to do some late night coding.

Here’s the result:

I’d love it if you guys would check it out and let me know if it’s working for you or not.  There are future plans for this as well, I may set this up as a project under Cambrian House, but definitely let me know if you have any ideas or are interested in helping out.  The code is very simple, and the ASP.NET AJAX stuff I used was awesome – highly recommended for you .NET devs out there. (I know, shameless plug – come on, I’m an evangelist!)

 Oh yeah, I almost forgot to annouce the winner of the contest!  Congrats to Timothy Chen from the Idea Is Queen blog.  I’ve been following his posts for a while now, really great stuff over there.    I’ll be getting in touch with you shortly to discuss your my Ringside Startup contribution.  Thanks to the rest of you who entered, I’ll be doing something similar in the future so no worries if you missed out on this one.

Also, greetings to anyone who wandered over here from TIW…but come on, you should have clicked the other link!  🙂


6 responses to “Startup #17 – Twitter Is Weird – *Launched* (beta, of course)

  1. Ahhh, Kevin. Too much time on your hands. Clearly!

    Suggestions: Is it possible to set some conditionals so you don’t get identical Twitterians* side by side?
    Can you make the page fit into a 1024×768 browser window without scrolling?
    How tough would it be to create the scenario where someone visiting TIW (*) could choose a set of cartoon Twitterians that appeal to them? These could end up being very viral if you think about it, and you’d have a clear pathway into licensing (for money or just exposure) existing cartoon characters.

    I could go on and on like this. Unfortunately, I have to go get some metal drilling screws to reinforce my U-Haul wannabe trailer.

    But count me in on this one if you send it over to Cambrian House. I’ve a membership there so could jump right in. While I’m not a huge Twitter fan, I realize it when there are opportunities in the marketplace, and you definitely have one here. Let me know.

    *(yes, I just made that up, and yes the domain, singular and plural are available and do sound better than TIW 😉 )

  2. Hey James,

    Great suggestions! Especially the 1024 thing – pure laziness. I knew I should have resized the images at the time, but I just upped my screen resolution instead. 🙂

    Thanks for the support, I’ll post this up on CH shortly. What’s your username on CH?

    Love the twitterians name, btw…I wonder what Twitter’s policy is going to be on using their name in Twitter-related sites?

  3. wow, it’s true, I now believe I’m a lucky boy.

    In Chinese we always say: Those giving away goods to others will gain “points of merits and virtues” which means something wonderful will happen to you in the future. (the more such points you accumulate the higher possibility! :D)

    Thanks you Kevin, and looking forward to similar events!

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  5. Hey Kevin, CH username is, of all things: jamesdkirk

    I’ve not interacted too much over there, so if you do start something up, it’ll be a great learning experience of how they do things.

    Oh, and congratulations on the house purchase. It’s a huge thing. Keep up on the maintenance. I’ve been doing all the undone stuff for the preparation of selling the duplex I’m in right now in Northern California. Getting ready to move out to Northern Arizona to be closer to Mom and my sister’s family. The Sedona area is especially beautiful. I’ll hopefully be posting news of a new purchase sometime soon, too!

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