Startup #20 – I Like Ike

There are a lot of sites out there that are focused on getting senior citizens using the the internet.  Most of them are pretty much like any other site, except with much bigger font.

 This site is different.  It’s focused on the fact that for most non-computer users, their account is set up by a more computer savvy family member in the first place.  For instance, I could set up an account for my grandmother.  Once she’s set up, I would set myself up as one of her family members, and I’d be able to share things with her.  I could have access to her Email account and post the non-spam Emails to her account.  I could pull in pictures or paste in links of web pages I think that she’d like.  The interface would be a very simple inbox-like structure for everything, something like this:

Picture – <thumbnail – single click to show full size> – From Kevin

Email – How are you? – From Kevin

Email – Re: Prunes – From Kevin

Website – Twitter – From Andrew

Any thoughts?  No time for witty remarks, Lost is almost on!  🙂


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