Startup #24 – The Bus is Coming!

bus.jpgOK, I don’t like to admit this, but I was one of those losers who rode the bus all through high school, until I was like 17 or something.  It really sucked.  One of the worst parts of the whole bus thing was waiting at the bottom of our driveway in the freezing cold Michigan winters pathetically waiting for stupid Ms. Geckenkiemer to pick my ass up.  You had to play the odds every morning – either you go out early and stand in the cold for 15 minutes or you wait by the door and try to sprint to the end of the driveway by the time the bus reaches your driveway.

Now that THE FUTURE is here, I’ve got an idea that could resolve this issue (and others like it).  I could log into the local bus route website and sign up to recieve alerts for my specific route.  Using GPS, the system could detect if the bus was more than 5 mintues off the regular schedule and send a text message directly to my cell phone to notify me of any delays.  This could be applied to other types of transportation as well: city buses, taxis, planes, etc..

Anyone got any ideas for a catchy name?  Edit: Great suggestion, JK, the name is officially updated.  Only one day left in this round of the IdeaWarz contest, please help me receive funding to turn one of my ideas into reality!


6 responses to “Startup #24 – The Bus is Coming!

  1. I was pretty lucky in that my junior and senior years I had a vehicle to use. Had to in order to get out to two a day practices for football (starting at 6am-ish, ugh!)

    The name that jumped into my head after reading this idea was the phrase that is always yelled when you are late, “THE BUS IS COMING!”

    So, (yeah, it’s available 😉 )

  2. Dude…You can’t imagine how I can relate! I was also 17 when I was still FREEZING in the friggen bus on my way to 11th grade in Kentwood, Michigan!!! I had to walk a half a mile to meet that bus (and I’m not kidding about this part) at the bottom of a HUGE snow covered hill. BUT that was not the worst part, I had to ride with Remi, one of the hottest girls in school. It did not matter that she rode the friggen bus, I just thought what a LOSER I was for having to ride it too!!!

  3. PS…It WAS available! 😉

  4. Kevin, what kind of commentors do you allow on this site? This blogpaul character thinks I’d take the time to put up a perfectly steal-able domain name without having checked to see if it was available? Can I take back my vote for you in the ideawarz? My gosh, man!

    BlogPaul, do you happen to have the address of the joint Remi “dances” at? 😉

    All good.

    Go Boldly!

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  6. So I thought I’d check on what professional citings I might have tonight. Imagine how surprised I was to see this come up when I “googled” my name. Initially I was thankful for the compliment, but disheartened at the rest.

    Sorry to disappoint…I am most definitely NOT a stripper! Actually, I am an outpatient psychotherapist, and a proud Mom of 2 beautiful boys.

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