Startup #25 – There’s Something About Kevin

somethingaboutkevin.jpg<- Disturbing

Anyway, today’s idea is a take on the old Karaoke-over-the-Internet startup.  Instead of just singing along to your favorite songs, what if you could act along with your favorite movie/TV scene?  You could sign onto the site and choose a scene you’d like to act out, or join a scene that someone else picked out.  Your friends (or strangers) would choose their roles, and then you’d all jump in front of your webcams and act out the scene. 

It would be run very similar to karaoke, with a clip showing the muted scene and the words along the bottom (ala closed captioning).  When you are finished with the scene, you could choose to save it to the main site, where other members could then watch your rendition and vote for their favorites.  Part of the fun would be the flexibility of the format.  For example, I would expect to see a lot of MST3K-types of spoofs coming out of this.

I’ve got a spot of bad news to share.  My bid to become the next IdeaWarz winner fell just short today, but I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who helped me out by casting a vote.  It was fun while it lasted, hopefully I’ll be eligible for another tourney in the future!

Good news as well: I have a little time to work on my TwitterIsWeird site this week and should be coming out with a pretty interesting update on Friday.  Stay tuned…


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