Startup #26 – Domainiac!


Domain prospecting is shaping up to be a pretty hot business.  Many new sites are finding it harder and harder to find a meaningful, memorable domain name for their business.  It’s gotten to the point where if a new site launches with a name, you automatically pay attention because it means that they probably have some cash in the bank.

Today’s startup idea is a domain name finding service that takes a smart approach to finding the perfect (and available) URL.  Sure, there are domain name sites out there, but this one would be the Zillow or ShackPrices of the online real estate market – a premium site with a ton of great features.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • Show all available domain names that are real words (i.e. in the dictionary), sorted by 3-letter-words, 4-letter-words, etc..
  • Enter a key noun and verb and get a list of available options (i.e. search on “domain” and “search” and get “”,””, “”).  This could be done by looking at tags and corresponding domain name patterns on existing sites. 
  • See a list of expiring domain names and an option to purchase them when they are available.  Instead of just showing the currently expiring domain names, though, the site would actually purchase valuable domain names as they become available and then sell them back to users in an e-bay auction format, thus guarenteeing the user the name would be available and not renewed at the last minute.

What other options would you like to see for finding domain names?  Anyone willing to share any of their great domain names they’re holding onto in hopes of cashing it in?  Shout out to blogpaul thanks for the plug, much appreciated!


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