One Month Blog Anniversary – Best and Worst Idea Roundup

Happy blogging anniversary to me!  Has it really been one month?  Seems like just yesterday I was spewing out crappy startup ideas and making really lame jokes…oh wait

I thought I’d take this opportunity to step into the wayback machine and share some of my personal favorite and least favorite startup ideas. 

Let’s start off with my most popular post, “Coughr“.  I don’t usually promote myself (yeah, right), but I decided to submit to Digg and Reddit with the headline: “Worst.  Idea.  Ever.”  In reality, it was a made-up idea as part of my “Guess the Fake” contest.  The background behind this idea is that I was interviewing a new college hire for a technical marketing/strategy position at work.  He was a cool guy and exceptionally bright, so instead of giving him a boring case study I thought I’d give him a fun little challenge.  I explained the basics of the Coughr idea and then had him come up with a marketing strategy and high-level techincal analysis of how this might actually work.  Ever since it’s been an inside joke between me and myself, just ’cause it’s the gosh darned stupidest idea I’ve ever heard!

One of my favorite ideas is Idea #11.  The original name was “Snap it Now, Buy it Later” but I’d like to update it to “” based on reader eJourney’s suggestion, which I think is pretty damn catchy.  This is one of the few ideas where I actually see some real value with a fairly straightforward revenue model and implementation.  Which means that ten people have probably already tried it and twenty more will try in the next few months.  🙂

My least favorite idea?  I’d probably have to go with Idea #19: Spy vs Spy.  It was one of those ideas that has a decent premise but would never work in real life.  You wouldn’t have enough people signed up for the service, and then you’d have to deal with the whole stalker thing (I have enough of those as it is).  It wasn’t interesting.  It wasn’t funny.  Sorry to have wasted a few precious minutes of your day with that one.

Overall it’s been a great experience so far and I’m going to keep churning out the ideas as long as I possibly can.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for a special anniversary tweet...err…I mean, treat that will hopefully be rolling out shortly.  🙂


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