Help me launch Startup Idea #28 –


Big news today, I’m far enough along on my semi-top-secret to give out a few details and let you have a sneak peek at what’s coming.   Basically, it’s the same concept as the “Twitter Is Weird” project that I pushed out two weeks ago, which takes two Twitter posts (tweets) from the live public timeline and displays them as a conversation between two cartoon characters.  This milestone includes a brand new look and some fun features, such as:

  • The ability to save pairs of tweets (TweeTweeTs)
  • View popular TweeTweeTs (and who discovered them)
  • View your friends timeline
  • Post messages to your Twitter account

It’s definitely a tough project to troubleshoot because the Twitter services are getting slammed and will shut down on occasion, so I don’t know what issues are caused by my code and what are happening on the Twitter side of the house.  I’d definitely appreciate it if you could check out the site and provide any feedback, issues, etc…  Bonus points if you’re on Safari or FireFox!  Also, now that I have the basic structure up I’ll be creating a project through Cambrian House – anyone who wants to help out, meet me over there and let’s blow this thing up!  🙂

So, out of all my ideas, why am I choosing this one to actually develop?  For one, it was pretty easy, something I could work on during the evening or on the weekend between work and house buying and time spent with my amazing fiance.  “The Golden Rule of Startups – Start” (thanks, Steve!) rule applies here, as does my Sanook theory.  It was fun, it was easy, so I went for it.

Also, as with life, sometimes you have to make some big bets.  Twitter is blowing up right now, but only time will tell if it’s a stupid fad or the next big thing.  If it’s a fad and dies out quickly, it was at least a fun project and good learning experience.  However, if it takes root in the 13-23 demographic and becomes the next My Space, I want to be one of the first to realize a simple truth about Twitter:  Twitter is not a web site.  It is a decentralized communication platform and the race is on to become the primary conduit of this information.  And being the gatekeeper for information to an audience is valuable.  The bigger the audience, the higher the value.

Hmmm…can anyone tell I was a consultant in a former life?  🙂


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