Startup #29 – Voting For Dummies

uncle-sam.jpgBefore I start, quick update on – so far, so good!  I didn’t do any PR for the site ’cause Twitter is still getting pounded and I want to keep a low profile for now, but apparently someone in Japan caught wind of it and I’ve gotten about two hundred visitors since yesterday!  Not too shabby.  I set up a project on Cambrian House yesterday and have at least one guy on board to help out.  If you’re interested, head on over there and look for TweeTweeT in the ‘Projects’ section.  Any and all talents are welcome, and you can choose your committment based on interest/time.

OK, on with today’s startup idea.  It seems pretty basic to me now, but at some point in my life I didn’t know exactly what my political affiliation should be.  I had a pretty solid stance on where I stood on certain issues such as the environment and the acceptability of shooting people, but transfering that into a bunch of checks in a voting booth was a little intimidating. 

My idea is a website that allows you to answer a series of questions that are related to the upcoming election and provides you with a suggestion for who/what to vote for.  For each matchup you’d be shown the candidates and where your values align with theirs.  You’d also get some of the basic information from the candidate’s profile and links to see the latest news stories or blog posts about that person.  This would be an easy way to help people understand how their values relate to the major political parties and would give those of us who aren’t political junkies a little Dummies-style voters education.

What do you guys think?  Does this idea have your vote?  Wow, that was bad.


2 responses to “Startup #29 – Voting For Dummies

  1. I think this is a good idea, though it could be subject to some tampering, if not done in an open and honest way.

  2. Tampering, eh? Interesting idea…I can picture the election results now…

    “…and the next president is…Kevin Leneway? WTF?!? “

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