Startup #30 – Check Mate

checkmark.jpgYou’re planning a trip.  Somewhere warm.  Like Vegas.  Or Panama.  What’s the first thing you do?  If you’re anything like me, you start making a list.  Airline tickets?  Check.  Passport?  Check.  Leopard print thong swimsuit?  Check.

There are plenty of online sites where you can make simple lists (tada rocks!), but I’m proposing a different approach.  Instead of starting with a blank page and trying to think up everything you need on the spot, you could come to a site, enter your destination (or activity), and you’d be presented with a premade list all ready for you to fill out.  Besides just having access to a canned list, you could add additional details to make a custom list specific to your situation. 

What’s interesting is that the site could evolve over time.  Imagine that 10 people used a list for a trip to Las Vegas.  8 of those people added a list item for “blackjack cheat sheet”, so the next time someone pulled the list for Las Vegas, it would already have an entry for blackjack.  Consequently, if an item wasn’t used by the majority of people, it would automatically be removed.  Eventually you could start to pull filtered lists, such as “Give me a list for Las Vegas from people with the following tags: male, geek, 28” and you’d get a very targeted list to start planning your vacation.

Hmmmmm…I like it!  What do you guys think?  Any naming ideas (Check Mate sounds like a shady payday loan place)?  Got a good Vegas list you could send me before next Sunday?


4 responses to “Startup #30 – Check Mate

  1. Not a bad idea, but I feel like it needs something more. Other than ski vs. surf destinations, are there going to be that many differences between different lists? How would you drive people to come back to the site?

  2. I think this one has a lot of potential – integrate it with the travel websites perhaps (I can see expedia buying you out for $50 mill 🙂 ) .

  3. What do I think? I think your the son of a bitch that keeps taking all my great ideas!!! (just not this one even though I wished I’d thought of it first!).

  4. Good points, Chris. I have a couple of examples from my current life that might work.

    One, I’m (OK, she is) planning a wedding, and we found a good checklist online that has helped a lot. Problem is, we’re having a destination wedding and we can’t add those details to that online list, so we ended up with a second list in Excel.

    Two, in the process of buying a house, would be great to have a checklist that goes through all the details, and specifically tailored to our situation (i.e. purchasing first home instead of selling one and moving to another).

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