Startup #33 – Million Dollar Homepage Ad Network

350px-the_million_dollar_homepage.jpgEveryone knows the story of the Million Dollar Homepage.  One million pixels + $1 each = every lazy entrepeneur’s dream.

While I was thinking up ways to monetize my TweeTweeT site (launching on Thursday!), I thought back to the ‘ol $1M page.  The idea I came up with is a cross between AdSense and MDH – an advertsing network that was based on the MDH concept.

Here’s how it would work.  As a person wanting to monetize my site, I would add a simple script that would set aside a chunk of my page for pixel ads (say 150 x 500) .  Users who visit my site would have the option of purchasing some pixels and a link (ala MDH).  Any proceeds from the purchase would go to the website owner. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  If your pixel ad box has not been filled by your users, it would be auto-populated by ads from *other* pixel websites!  Users would have more incentive to purchase ads because not only would they be supporting a website that they like, their ads would also be displayed all over the web on a variety of different sites.

I honestly can’t decide if this idea is rawkin or suxorz…what do you think?  Closed on my house today!  Rawkin.  Now on to packing.  Suxorz.


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