Startup #35 – Decisions, Decisions (aka The One With All The TV References)

wbfrog.jpgOK, no one laugh.  Yesterday evening I watched two shows on the new CW.  First was Gilmore Girls, the second was the series finale of the search for the next Pussycat Doll.  What does that have to do with anything?  Besides, you know, wah-pah!

First, Gilmore Girls.  In the episode, one of the characters was finishing up her final year of college and had been accepted into several top grad schools.  She needed to decide which one to attend, so she made up a weighted pro/con list to help make her decision.

 Silly Gilmore Girl.  She should have gone to “Decisions, Decisions”, a new online destination that allows you to create and share your pro/con lists with your friends and family to help you make those important decisions.  You can create your lists, give each pro or con a 1-5 weighting, then send it to other people who can give their opinions.  Once they’re done, you have the option to assign weightings to the people (i.e. mom = 5, acquaintence from calc class = 1), and then get a final tally to determine what your decision should be.

Second, the Pussycat Dolls.  Only a few more days before Mix07, I can’t wait!  Next Tuesday night they’re throwing a party for the attendees at some night club on the Vegas strip featuring a concert by the Pussycat Dolls.  Not exactly my usual pick for a good show, but should be a fun time nonetheless.

I’m moving and launching TweeTweeT tomorrow…big day!  Next week I’ll be posting live from Mix07 and have a few more surprises coming shortly, stay tuned…


2 responses to “Startup #35 – Decisions, Decisions (aka The One With All The TV References)

  1. I just noticed that I am not your friend on twitter…sup with that? I gotta be Scobe to get on that list???

  2. By the way…you suck! Another great idea with the pro/con.

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