Startup #36 – Three Minute Soulmate

flower_heart_clock.jpgHere’s another dating website idea, the premise here is that people generally don’t want to invest much time in a new site.  Instead of requiring a lengthy sign-up form or just flipping through pictures based on age/sex/location, this site would let you find your soulmate in three minutes or less.  How?  By cutting out the most time-consuming part of online dating – flipping through page after page of doctored pictures followed by the same generic “I like to go out but am also up for a quiet night at home watching movies” profiles. 

The idea is two-fold: First, have the user take a short quiz to determine their personality type (such as this one).  Then, use the results to find only one person they are most compatible with.  If the user then wants to see additional matches, here’s where you get them to fill out a profile.  Limit the number of required fields, and make it as fun and easy as possible.

Why show only one match?  Because of a simple human truth: we want to believe that there is one person out there who is perfect for us, a soulmate.  We don’t want to find love by choosing the least undesirable person out of a list of 50, we want the cosmic power of the universe to step in an present us with that one perfect person.

What do you guys think about this one?  Looking for the cosmic power of the universe to come along and strike me with a new idea?  I got my keys for my first house today!  Launched the site!  Prepping for Vegas!  Got seven cavities filled!  Big day.


4 responses to “Startup #36 – Three Minute Soulmate

  1. I don’t care for the idea. I think people really enjoy flipping through pages, browsing, all that. It’s like shopping! Chicks especially dig that, and chicks are *always* the most valuable part of a dating site.

  2. I think guys like to flip as well. Nevertheless, the idea is good but shouldn’t be limited to only one match. Usually, people search for a dating service because they haven’t had any luck on their own, or have alraedy been burned by their “soulmate.”
    I like your blog, btw.

  3. Nice topic, and blog overall.

    At first, this ides seems like a slick way to get dating site customers. Give them a demo. However, it might also be a quickie way to lose potential customers.
    An ex-girlfriend of mine went through the whole eHarmony profile gauntlet and paid the money, only to discover (to her horror) that my profile was the ONLY one that matched her. Can you say “refund” and “personality test must be bogus!”? Those words – and some other choice epiphets – is what she offered to eHarmony.
    Maybe explore something unique that will either convince customers THEY are the experts or YOU are. In the former case, let them flip through to their heart’s content. Just find ways to make the search more meaningful, fluid, and customized. In the latter case, where you are the expert, just keep the soulmate list short and serve up additional even-more-soulful-soulmates after they give further buy-in, through feedback or dollars.

  4. Well Where is the site then?
    has it been launched?

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