Startup #38 – The Ocho

ocho.jpg“If it’s almost a sport, we’ve got it here!”  For anyone who was not in a frat during the past four years, this is a reference to a scene in the movie “Dodgeball”, making fun of ESPN’s growing network of sports channels catering to all sorts of obscure sports.  After all, where else would fans of riding-lawnmower racing, flaming-ball soccer, and squirrel waterskiing get their fix?

OK, it’s a joke, but today’s idea is a realistic take on that same premise.  It’s a site where fans of obscure sports could join together to get and share the latest information in the world of curling, skeet shooting, and professional darts.  The underlying premise is basic Long Tail-ology: instead of having one site that is dedicated to a sport many people like, become the authority on many sports that are currently ignored by major news outlets due to a lack of popularity.

So where’s the Web 2.0?  Simple.  Tap the expertise of your users to allow them to contribute their knowledge along with (or in absence of) a paid editor.  This can be done via wiki, user-submitted videos, or a Newsvine-style of amateur editors.

Long day at MIX 07 in Vegas, lots of cool features.  I’m going to work on implementing one of my previous ideas (Pop-Up Video) using the new super-cool cutting edge web technologies at a mashup session later tonight, and will try to do some more live blogging tomorrow afternoon.  Say what you will about MS – they sure know how to throw a party!  🙂 


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