Startup #39 – YouTube + Messenger = …MessTube?

youtube.jpgMIX 07 is over, and it’s been great.  One of the best parts for me is the opportunity to learn about the next wave of technologies and brainstorm about the possibilities that are going to open up.   I’ve got a few that I’ll post throughout the week, but I’m going to start with my favorite one.

Right now YouTube is huge, and one of the big reasons it has grown so fast is the ability to share videos with your friends.  You can send Emails, embed videos on your MySpace page…you know the drill.   One thing that is missing, though, is the ability to share the video in real time and watch along with your friends.

My idea is a video sharing site that allows you to drag and drop videos directly into an open IM window and then watch the video together.  The best part is you can chat about the video while it’s playing, and even invite other friends to watch together in a group.  You’d also get all the standard YouTube functionality but with this killer ability to combine two of the most popular things “da kidz” are doing today on the web.

It’s a pretty simple and obvious idea.  So why hasn’t this been done?  Easy, the technology isn’t there.  Yet.  🙂  Also, I usually don’t like ideas that are just iterations on existing sites, but for this to work it would need Microsoft technologies…and would Google switch YouTube from Flash to Silverlight…not bloody likely.


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