Startup #40 – Silverlight CBT

silverlight.jpgGot me another Silverlight idea today, I actually think this one is kinda interesting.  Back in the day when I worked for a “Big 5” consulting firm, they had a set of required computer based trainings (CBTs for you acronym-crazed consulting types) that we needed to complete each year.  They were all mind-numbingly boring…except for one. 

The training was an interactive role-based simulation that would show short video clips featuring a culturally diverse “client” who would ask you questions, and you had to choose an appropriate response.  Based on the action you choose, a different clip would play.  You could make the client happy or really tick them off.  It was awesome – a virtual choose-your-own-corporate-adventure!   What wasn’t awesome was the installation process.  You had to download the entire training module and install it locally on your hard drive.  It was, like, so 2005.

One of the new features of Silverlight that I saw was the ability to embed chapter markers in a video and fire up events each time the video hits a marker.  I know what you’re thinking – shut it, nerd, before I cram that pocket protector down your piehole.  But that little feature, tied in with the ability to stream HD-quality video over the Internet, could be your ticket to becoming the of the lucrative enterprise CBT market.  Ha, and you were making fun of me…but who’s dating the cheerleader now?

In honor of the big 4-0, I’m pouring some on the ground for my homies.  Thanks for reading, here’s to another 40 crappy startup ideas coming your way soon.  🙂


One response to “Startup #40 – Silverlight CBT

  1. Why are you giving these phenominal ideas away??? Am I missing something…this is brilliant…and has to have been doe already!

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