Startup #41 – Silverlight Why I Am…

why.jpgYet another Silverlight idea.  This one doesn’t *need* Silverlight, but would make the code base 100x’s cleaner.  The basic idea here is a website where you could create a short video explaining why you stand for something.  For example, you could create a video on “Why I am a Vegetarian“, “Why I am voting for Hillary Clinton“, or “Why I am OK dressing my kid up like a dinosaur and giving him a handgun” (thanks, Flickr).

The content could come from a number of sources.  You could record a webcam testimonial yourself or mashup other related clips such as YouTube videos of campaign speeches or an Al Gore cameo from a South Park episode.  Once you’ve spliced together your masterpiece, you can post it on your blog or Facebook site to share your thoughts with the world.

This could actually be pretty easy to implement, just check out the “Top Banana” demo that was created in a few weeks.  Very cool stuff.


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