My New Favorite Site: InstaCalc!

Last night was another meeting of the Seattle Tech Startups meetup.  I love these things, it’s a great chance to see some demos and meet some cool tech entrepeneurs in the process.  All the demos were sweet, but my favorite was by Y-Combinator wunderkid Kalid Azad, founder of InstaCalc.  Seriously, check this thing out – looks basic at first but check out the demos to see the types of awesome things that you can do. 

I’ve got a Vista gadget installed that allows me to do quick calcs on the fly, and also was able to create and share this Geek-Logik-inspired InstaCalc calculation.  If you do something wrong, you can use this simple formula to determine if you should apologize or not.  Guys, seriously…do you really even need to ask?


2 responses to “My New Favorite Site: InstaCalc!

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  2. Hey Kevin, thanks for the fantastic writeup! I’ll remember to bring the bribe next time 🙂

    Seriously though, it was great meeting you and the rest of the startup crowd, it’s the best part of these events. I plan on checking out more of the SilverLight stuff as I look into new features.

    Thanks again,


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