Startup #44 – SNFC (Social Network for Consultants)

socialnetwork.jpgBack in the day I did a stint at a big consulting firm.  It was a blast!  My co-workers were young, fun, and definitely subscribed to the “work hard, play hard” philosophy.  In general, I tend to stay away from the overhyped Social Network for FillintheBlank ideas, but I couldn’t think of anything better I think this particular group is unique enough for this to make sense.

The site would be restricted to users who are currently employed at a consulting company (i.e. must register with a @<consulting company>.com address).  Why?  Along with the typical social networking stuff, there would be a few unique features that sets this apart from the MySpace of the Month Club.

  1. A salary comparison feature.  Consulting companies are notoriously secretive about their compensation packages and consultants are equally notorious for salary snooping.  See PayScale to see how this might work.  Which leads us to…
  2. A recruitment bonus feature.  I won’t give out specifics about the cash my company was willing to pay out for qualified leads, but it was enough to make it worth my while to seek out good candidates.  SNFC would be great for finding consultants who are frustrated with (or underpaid by) their current firm.
  3.  A travel meetup feature.  Lots of consultants travel during the week and spend their weeknights couped up in a hotel room.  This feature could connect a couple of lonely consultants who are looking to explore the city.  The beauty of the closed system comes into play here – you know that the person on the site really is a fellow consultant and not some random weirdo.

Come on all you comment junkies, you know you want to comment on this idea.  Sucks?  Rocks?  Tell me what you think!


One response to “Startup #44 – SNFC (Social Network for Consultants)

  1. So you got me to look into social networking sites since I run for parents.

    I wrote a quick blurb about it here.

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