Startup #45 – Digital Doorbell

doorbell.jpgBack in the day, if someone wanted to get a hold of you, there were only a few options. Telephone (land line), snail mail, or the good ol’ fashion doorbell. Nowadays I have at least 20 ways for people to contact me. Home phone, cell phone, work Email, hotmail, gmail, blog comments, Twitter, MySpace message…the list goes on and on.

My idea is a service that can send you a text message or Email when you receive a communication from any of your online contact points. You would log into a site, tell it about the services you use, and set up the level of interruption you’d like (i.e. Text message for blog comments, Email for MySpace messages). It sounds complicated to implement, but it might actually be fairly straightforward considering how many sites have RSS feeds for comments and messages.

Click this link now:

You’ll thank me later.


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