Startup #47 – Ultra Last Minute Travel

lost.jpgI figure this is an appropriate idea considering I’m exactly three hours away from catching a flight to Las Vegas.  It’s a pretty simple one, really.  There are lots of last minute travel sites that will send out Emails a few days before a flight if the airline hasn’t booked all the seats.  My idea takes that one step farther further.  For airlines that still have standby seats available 3-4 hours before the flight, they have the option of posting them to an ultra last minute travel site.  The tickets would be heavily discounted, but users would only have a one-hour timeframe in which to buy them.  In many ways it would be like a for travel – definitely not something you could use if you wanted to guarentee you’d reach a specific destination, but fun if you wanted to take a spur-of-the-moment adventure.

Vegas, baby, yeah!  I’ll be gone tomorrow, y’all be sure to enjoy your weekend.  I know I will.  🙂


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