Startup #48 – Resume IPO (with mockup!)

resumeipo_logo.jpgIn honor of the unveiling of Seattle entrepreneur extraordinaire Bryan Starbuck’s new venture TalentSpring, I’m dusting off one of my half-baked ideas from last year called Resume IPO. 

First, though, let’s start by talking a little about TalentSpring.  I’ve only gotten a quick look at it and the simplest possible way to explain it is “Digg for resumes”.  They’ve nailed some key details – I think it’s a great idea with solid execution and a strong team at the helm (TechCrunch agrees). 

ResumeIPO was designed to solve the exact same problems but with a different approach.  For employers, how do I get the best recruits?  For job seekers, how do I stack up against my competition?  While TalentSpring relies on a system where the users must rate 12 resumes before their information gets posted to the site, ResumeIPO has a free market approach.  Users would get a set amount of fake money to start, and could invest it in resumes that have potential.  Of course the resumes that got the most investors would generate better returns, and the individual with the highest return for the month would get a prize. 

Here’s a unique feature of this site that I really like.  Once you invest in a resume, you then have the wiki-like ability to make changes to the resume.  You could invest in a resume that has a lot of potential but issues with spelling, grammar, presentation, etc..  This would add a little more strategy to the game and would also allow job seekers to get some help crafting the perfect resume.

Here’s a mockup of the idea: resumeipo_draftv5.jpg

2 responses to “Startup #48 – Resume IPO (with mockup!)

  1. I like your blog post.

    Thanks for checking out our company.


  2. Yeah, celebrity sighting! Thanks, Bryan, looking forward to the day after I get fired from my job so I can start seriously using your site. 🙂

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