Startup #50 – MySpace for Chad Vader

Three things I think are hilarious (besides this):

  1. Chad Vader
  2. Ask a Ninja
  3. Jesus Christ’s Blog

What do all these sites have in common?  They all take a fictional character (kidding, JC, you know you’re my boy) and put them in an everyday situation.  Come on, a ninja as an advice columnist?  Darth Vader as a cashier at a grocery store?  Comedic gold. 

Today’s idea takes this basic concept and goes one step further.  The proposed site is a satirical social network that is comprised solely of fictional characters or fake celebrities.  Users would fill out a Facebook-like profile as if they were, say, Dick Cheney or Lindsey Lohan’s Second Cousin (who never really talks to Lindsey but pretends like they are best friends).  The fake Dick’s and LLSC’s can then write blogs from their character’s point of view, send messages to other characters, or post Twitter-like real time status updates.

What do you guys think?  Am I the only one who wants to know what Leonardo from TMNT thought of last night’s Dancing with the Stars performances?  Or the play-by-play of Aunt Jamima‘s wild night out on the town with Betty Crocker and Mr. Clean’s ex-wife?


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