Startup #52 – Show Me The Money

thai-50f.jpgWhy can’t US money be all colorful and interesting?  Anyway, today I was reading an interesting post on Techcrunch about rolling out a free streaming music service.  I checked it out and fell in love with the concept.  If you haven’t heard of it, their core functionality is CD swapping (think P2P Netflix for music).  I dig music and typically purchase several CDs a month.  Instead of paying $10-$15 per CD, I could use LaLa and get new music for $1.75/album in exchange for trading some old discs that are just gathering dust on my shelf.  That’s a good $30 a month I could save – sweet!

I started thinking about my newfound extra cash and thought about how many other money-saving services are out there.  Which leads to today’s idea.  It’s a site where you can enter in the amount of money you pay each month for various catagories (music, movies, phone, TV, web hosting, video games, etc..), and it would return a list of websites that could help you save money, along with the total monthly savings.  Here’s an example of how it might work:

  • Music – $40
  • Movies – $20 rental, $25 theater
  • Phone – $30
  • TV – $50 (stupid Comcast!)
  • Web hosting – $10 (I heart GoDaddy)
  • Video Games – $15

And here would be a sample result

  • Music – (save $30)
  • Movies – Netflix starter package (save $5)
  • Phone – Skype + headset (save $40)
  • TV – (save $50 – can be used to pay your pending legal bills)
  • Web hosting – GAFYD/Office Live (save $10)
  • Video Games – No savings here (GameFly would show up if costs were over $20)

Total savings: $135/month

What do you guys think?  Let’s hear from you…yes, I’m talking to you…put down that turkey leg and gimme some comments.

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