Startup #54 – Lindz, Brit and P-Hilt Virtual Bobbleheads

brit.jpgI don’t know if anyone actually calls Paris Hilton “P-Hilt” but it sounded good in my head. 

Aight, so people love celebrities.  They love to watch celebrities, they love to read about celebrities, they love to dress up their twin poodles like the Olsen twins

Aight, so people love Facebook.  They love to browse Facebook, they love to post to Facebook, they love to dress up their twin poodles like Facebook.

Let’s put the two together, shall we?  Today’s idea is a Facebook widget featuring a hot celebrity that pulls in the latest news, gossip, pictures, videos, etc..  The widget would feature a hee-larious bobblehead caraciture along with links to the latest info about the celeb.

One way to make this a little more interesting is to offer limited-edition bobblehead widgets.  For example, you could offer a special bald Brittney bobblehead for the first 500 users.  Users could trade or sell bobbleheads to other users, and build up valuable collections of their favorite celebs.

Whatcha think?  Don’t forget, only two hours left in the big contest!  Hurry up and send an idea, any idea…trust me, it will be the easiest $50 you will ever make.

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