And The Winner Is…

time.jpgYou!  No, wait.  The winner of my 50th Idea Spectacaganzalations Contest was actually the exact opposite.  The winner was…drumroll please… 

No one. 

That’s right, I didn’t get a single entry, so there are no winners.  How sad is that?!?  You literally could have forwarded me an Email pitching Cialis, called it a startup idea, and I would have thrown you 50 bones. 

Ahh, well, better luck next time.  At least I get to keep my $50 – maybe I’ll use it to double the stakes for the next big contest.  Or maybe I’ll buy this.  One pound a day for the next month.  Woot.

5 responses to “And The Winner Is…

  1. Im SO pissed…I was gonna write you today…ok dang it…do another one but without the money…I will do it!

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  3. wow, seems I missed it..

    I was too busy (plus lazy) last couple weeks…
    I would have definitely submitted at least one if I had found this contest.

    Looking to your NEXT contest. 😛

  4. Paul – Too bad, man, would have loved to see your idea. You’ve got an open invite to do a guest post of any of your ideas on here if you’re ever interested.

    TC – Same goes to you, it’d be fun to do a post exchange on your awesome blog.

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