Startup #55 – Contest of the Day

winner.jpgI’ve just polished off 30 lbs of gummy bears and now I’ve got my inspiration for today’s idea.  It’s pretty basic, so I’ll skip my usual intro and just dive right into it.  The idea is a Digg-like site that aggregates web-based contests.  Users or contest sponsers would provide details about interesting contests and also give feedback on newly-submitted contests ala Digg.  The filters and default view would be eBay-like.  It would list the contest in order of most recent end dates, and you’d also be able to filter based on highest ranked, best prizes, etc..

A fun twist on this might be the ability to enter the contest on behalf of all the users on the site.  Here’s how this could work.  Users would earn points for every contest they entered on behalf of the COTD site owner (i.e. if I owned the site, they would enter the contest as “Kevin Leneway” and use my contact info).  If the COTD site owner won the contest, they would distribute the prize money to the users of the site.  To encourage users to participate, users with more points would earn a greater share of the winnings.

Massive legal ramifications aside…I love this idea!  What do you guys think?  

It’s Friday, it’s hot and sunny, and I’ve got an extra $50 burning a hole in my pocket – time to get out and start my weekend off right.  Hope y’all do the same.

Actually, I’ll probably just go home and mow the lawn.


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