Startup #56 – Rent My Links

Here’s a transcript of a real conversation I had with my alter-ego TheCougar today:

Kevin:  Dude, did you hear the big news todayYahoo is opening up it’s search advertising platform to 3rd party developers!

TheCougar:  And I care because…?

K:  This is huge!  Paid advertising is economic force behind the Web 2.0 movement, and with all the big acqusitions happening lately, there’s a “gold rush” mentality out there.  Forget the gold, now’s the time to start selling some pick axes.

TC:  So I’m guessing you’ve got Yet Another Horribly Obtuse Opinion to share today? 

K:  Actually I do.  I’m proposing a WordPress plug-in that searches your post and allows you to insert paid links into your blog.  For example, let’s say I wrote a post about the ridiculously cool new search engine upgrade.  Before I publish, the Rent My Links algorithm could recognize the words “Search Engine” and provide me the option to link to J-Cal’s new Mahalo search engine, with a CPC of $.35.

TC:  Your ideas intrigue me and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.  But come one, it’s Yahoo.  Now, if this were Google and AdSense, maybe you’d be on to something here.

K:  Ah, but that’s the beauty of this whole thing.  You really think Eric “I’d-Write-APIs-To-Access-My-Mom-If-It-Were-Possible” Schmidt is going to stand by and let Yahoo gain share on them?  Here’s what you do.  Take advantage of Yahoo’s developer marketing budget to build out this idea, beta test it for six months until Google announces their API, and be first-to-market on that gigantic opportunity.

OK.  I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but the new iPhone commercials are pretty much the most ridiculously awesome thing I’ve seen in a long time.  No link to this one – I’m sure you’ll be able to find it easily enough.


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