Startup #57 – Extreme Facebook Gifting

facebook.jpgI just signed up for Facebook!  Come on over and poke me or whatever it is you kids are doing these days.  I do like it, though; it’s like MySpace only it doesn’t make you want to poke your eyes out.

One of the compelling features of Facebook (so I’ve been told) is the ability to “gift” your friends.  It’s a little digital image that you can purchase for $1 and give to one of your friends to post on their profile.  It’s a cool idea – if you think about it, gifts aren’t usually so much about the actual item but the idea that you would take a portion of your hard-earned money and put it towards someone that you have a connection with.

Today’s idea takes this concept of gifting one step farther.  Instead of just being able to gift a simple image for a fixed price of one dollar, users would have the ability to give a more interesting image that could be purchased at a premium price.  For example, instead of just a simple image of a heart, the image could be a limited-edition heart image designed by the lead singer of the band Heart.  Or a picture of Paris Hilton taken by Nicole Richie from her cell phone.

The gifts could become of online status symbol that people would be happy to pay a premium for, much like people today pay premiums for offline brands like Nike, Diesel, Yves Saint-Laurent, etc..  Plus, thanks to Facebook’s new API that allows 3rd party developers to create their own Facebook apps, it’s very much something you could technically accomplish.  And unlike any of my other idea…this one could actually make you some money!

What do you guys think about this one?  I personally love it, wish I had the time to code this up.


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