Startup #58 – Bridechilla

Modern Bride recently published an article entitled “Death of Bridezilla”:

“Brides behaving badly? Not anymore. A new kind of bride has emerged—think of her as a “bridechilla”—and perfection is no longer her priority.”

I love that term, bridechilla.  Weddings are a huge business and anything that can make life easier for a bride can translate into startup success.  The problem is, there are some big players in this space already (,  So how to disrupt them?

To answer this question, I turned to my beautiful blushing bridechilla-to-be to tell me about some of the frustrations she’s had when planning her our wedding.  She had a great idea: a wedding in a box.  Allow me to explain. would be a step-by-step process that would walk the couple through every logistical detail that would be needed for a wedding.  You’d first answer a few basic questions – things like location, date, approx budget, etc..  You would then be presented with the option to choose between 5 reception halls, 3 caterers that are available on that day, 4 DJs that are within your budget, 9 invitation styles, 6 types of flowers.  The site would contact all of the vendors that you have chosen and have them call you for details.  Or for an additional fee, you could choose to have a Bridechilla planner who would be there to work with the vendors and show up on the big day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

What do you guys think?  I just registered the domain today – hopefully that issue sells like hotcakes and the name catches on!  🙂


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