From the Vault: Karma Police

Hey all,

I racked my brain and couldn’t think of any good ideas today, so I thought I’d cheat and post one of my all-time favorite ideas from back in the day.  Enjoy!

Have you done something bad? Lost some major karma points? Here’s your chance to earn them back! Simply hit up the Karma Police website and anonymously confess your sin. Other users can then view your confession and vote on an action that they feel is an appropriate penance for you to perform to restore your karmic balance.

Example: “I spilled my drink on a sofa during a party and instead of cleaning it, I just flipped the cushion over”

– Make a $50 donation to a local non-profit
– Buy a drink for the person behind you at Starbucks
– Say hello to 5 random people
– Call your mom

Users would vote on the “punishment” they feel best fits the crime. After 1 week, the votes would be tallied and the “sinner” would receive their karmic sentence.

The inspiration for this idea came from a recent visit to Thailand.  I was amazed at what a friendly and open society it was, which is partially based on their religious beliefs in earning karmic points for their next life. Also, seeing the growing momentum of a new genre of anonymous confession sites like And, of course, Radiohead. 


2 responses to “From the Vault: Karma Police

  1. This is definitely an interesting concept… i wonder though how successful text is versus images and videos… we saw a huge explosion with youtube, with the whole concept of image virality. i don’t know that we’ve seen anything where people actually have to read… what may be interesting is some sort of video confessional… hmm

  2. Interesting idea. My original thought was that the site would primarily be geared towards anonymous confessions, which is better suited for text than videos/pics. But I’m old. The kids are much more willing to expose their innermost thoughts and secrets on camera (Exhibit A:

    Vids/pics would be an easy option to add, would be interesting to see how many sign up for non-anonymous confessions. There’s good potential here to discover an untapped new niche.

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