Startup #59 – LOLCAT BUILDR FOR UZ!!

 If you’re confused right now, go here.  That’s OK, I’ll wait.  Back?  Good.  On to the idea.

Forget Web 2.0 logo generators and l33t translators – today’s idea is an lolcat builder.  The concept is pretty straightforward.  You upload a picture (or choose one from the gallery) of your cat, dog, baby, etc..  You enter a caption (or choose one from the gallery) to be tranzlatd into ur vry own lolcatz capshun.  And presto – within nanoseconds you’d have your very own lolcat image available to set as your desktop wallpaper or share with your friends.  Or, better yet, why not purchase a personalized t-shirt or mousepad featuring your creation?

OK, you caught me.  I’m a sucker for lolcats and I’ll come up with any excuse to post an lolcat pic.  Speaking of $100, one of my ideas is currently in 4th place over on the IdeaWarz contest with only 4 days, 14 hours left to vote.  Support me and my incredibly noble quest to win a hundred bucks – vote today!


3 responses to “Startup #59 – LOLCAT BUILDR FOR UZ!!

  1. Oh man, I can’t stand those lolcatz capshuns. If my kitty could talk she WOULD NOT talk like that. She’s a genious… and possibly an alien spy who makes daily reports to the mothership.

  2. You should make a kitty-sized tin foil hat to keep those pesky aliens away from your smartycat’s oversized brain waves.

    Otherwise, the alien would be all like “IM IN UR KITTAHZ BRAIN READIN HER THOTZ”

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