Celebrity Guest Post!

seth.jpgI have my first celebrity guest post!  It’s from my good buddy Mr. Seth Varty.  He’s actually the one who introduced me to blogs a few years back, so if it weren’t for him, I’d probably not be getting into trouble from my girlfriend for spending so much time on the Internet.  Thanks, Seth.  Anyway, check out his idea – it’s a good one!

So someone sent me an email asking for ideas on what their sister and husband could do for a night out in Seattle and it got me thinking.  There should be a collection of websites that have date ideas for various cities. Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, etc.   They’d be pretty straightforward sites, where you could browse suggestions by category.  So fun/humor (dinner + comedy club) or music (concerts etc) or romantic (fancy restaurants and walks on the beach) or aniversary or even first date, things like that.

You could also provide a platform for users to submit their own date ideas, so you aren’t always having to think things up.  A simple rating system and you could easily provide a way for people to search out the best dates for Friday night when you’re feeling like a light humored fun night out in Houston or maybe it is a first date and so forth and so forth.

The key would be that it would be a network of sites for a bunch of different cities.  You do a little bit of research on various cities, get your base dates into the site and then rely on the users to build out the content for the site.  There is also a benefit to a network when it comes to advertising, more sites obviously mean more users, but a larger geographic footprint means more slicing and dicing of user demographics to increase CPMs.  

What do you guys think?  I love it – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to scramble around at the last minute trying to think of a good date idea.  The key is the part towards the end about initially seeding the site before opening it up to user-generate content.

Do you have a great idea?  Send it to me and you could be the next celebrity guest poster.  Woot!


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