Yet Another Contest!

You’d think that I would have learned my lesson after the less than enthusiastic response for my last contest…but what the heck!  The rules for this one are very simple.  I’ve got basic outline of an idea, but I need your help to flesh out the implementation details.  Our esteemed panel of judges will put the entries to a vote, and the best one wins.

Here’s the pitch:  Teenagers love social networking sites but parents are flipping out about the dangers of allowing their kids to talk to strangers.  How would you implement a Facebook-like safe social networking site for middle school/high school students?

Send your ideas to kleneway _AT_  Ideas should be in a similar format to the ideas I present on this blog (1-2 paragraphs) and winners will be chosen based on creativity, humor, and feasibility of the proposed idea.  Deadline for entries is midnight PST on Thursday, June 21.

Remember…no one, and I mean NO ONE actually reads this blog, so if you even have an inkling of an idea, send it to me!  Trust me, the odds of winning this thing are ridiculously in your favor.  🙂  Good luck!


3 responses to “Yet Another Contest!

  1. I take offense to your last comment. I read the blog 🙂 Anyhow, I think this idea is a tough one to implement because teenagers sniff out controls a thousand mile away and the site will never be successful. It’s interesting that you use Facebook as an example since MySpace is really the culprit and Facebook does a great job of adding controls to allow users to minimize what they show to outside people!

  2. Ha, thanks man, I knew there must have been someone out there! I agree that this is a tough one – the key is to somehow implement a scalable way to keep the pervs out while still maintaining the required cool factor. It’s not easy otherwise someone would have done it already. I have a few ideas on this, but wanted to hear what you guys (guy) thought about this one.

  3. And yes, I purposefully used Facebook instead of MySpace as an example. They definitely do a much better job of maintaining a “safe” community. Lots of inspiration to be found in the way they group users based on Email address domains – it’s pure genius! How can a system like that be leveraged for a younger community?

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