Good idea coming soon…stay tuned!

I got hit by an idea today that I just fell in love with!  I can’t wait to post it but I don’t have time right now (got a hot date!).  I’ll try to post later tonight. 

Definitely look out for this post – it’s one of those “I-wish-I-was-unemployed-so-I-could-start-working-on-it” ideas.  🙂 


3 responses to “Good idea coming soon…stay tuned!

  1. As usual, eagerly awaiting your ideas! And just so you know, we do get hired occasionally to create Internet applications. Heck, we’d even consider partnering if the idea was good enough. Hmmm, coming from this site, however… 😉

  2. Ha, thanks man! I think I’m going to keep this one in my back pocket for now, but I’ll let you know if/when I decide to go forward with it.

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