Beta Invites to a Couple Hot New Startups

I’ve got three beta invites to a couple of the hottest new startups in town: Spock and I’m In Like With You.  If you want one, just post in the comments below – first come first serve!

Spock is a new people search engine that has been getting a ton of buzz lately.  It’s still pretty sparsely populated, but I can see where it could be useful as more people get onboard.  Lots of good thinking going on with that team.

I’m In Like With You absolutely rocks.  I’m about as far off the market as one can get right now, but if I were single this would be my new favorite site.  The theoretical idea is that users create little “games” that other users need to pay to play.  What’s really going on is that members have a fixed amount of currency that they can use to get the attention of other members. 

For example, you start with 500 points.  If you find someone you are really into, you can spend all 500 points to “play their game”, which is basically a flattering way of saying “I like your profile so much that I’m willing to spend all my points just for the chance to talk to you”.  I know it sounds odd, but trust me on this one – it’s genius.  Here’s your chance to jump on now before this thing goes public and blows up.


9 responses to “Beta Invites to a Couple Hot New Startups

  1. I’d like a SPOCK invite…

  2. I’d like a Spock invite too, please.

  3. Just sent the invites to you guys. One Spock invite left, just leave a comment below.

  4. You KNOW I have to get that last SPOCK invite, brother! Shocked you didn’t just send it to me 😉

  5. You’ve got it, James, check your inbox.

    BTW, I got a few more invites yesterday, so if you’re interested, go ahead and post here.

  6. yeah, i hope you are still reading the comments to this post. i would be soo happy if you could send me a spock invite.. 🙂

  7. @nathanael – just sent an invite, check your Email and let me know if it came through.

  8. hey, can i get an iminlikewithyou invite if its still available? btw, i like your blog a lot. ive been wanting to do something similar with my ideas!

  9. @Jeff – just sent the invite. You should definitely start an idea blog, it’s a lot of fun. Be sure to let me know if you do – I need to keep an eye on my competition…heheheh…

    btw, are you a Michigan fan by any chance?

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