Startup #66 – Snertification

microsoft_gold_certified.jpgWe’ve all seen the show.  Boy meets girl online.  Boy drives two hours to see her in person.  Girl turns out to be Chris Hanson. 

However, there’s another side to this story.  Thousands of people meet and fall in love online, and end up spending the rest of their lives together.  So how do you know if TechChick83 is a sweet girl looking for help with her Calc 102 homework or Larry, a 38-year-old life insurance salesman with a nasty overbite?

Today’s idea is a social network certification service (a snertification service?  Get it?) that allows you to prove to others that you are who you say you are online.  Users who sign up for the service would send proof of their identity to the snertification website.  Once the site was able to verify some basic information, the user would receive a logo they could place on their MySpace/Facebook/ page.  If other users wanted to check that person out, they could click on the logo to see all of the Snertification details for the certified user. 

What are your thoughts on this one?  In general I see this being a paid service, where people could pay a couple of bucks to prove that they are the real deal.  Is this something you would pay for?


4 responses to “Startup #66 – Snertification

  1. K-man, I know you think up some off the wall snit at times, but this one could actually have some merit! Obviously the challenges are how to get the site/company into that position of being “trusted”, and making money (cause we know the bubble 1.0 days are long gone. Long live 2.0 😉 )

    My guess would be that you let the ladies in for free and charge the men. Well it works in the night clubs! Okay, for real, you’d let people create profiles and get “snertified” for free, but you’d charge for those that want to check them out. Of course, the privacy stuff would have to be worked out, but not a big deal if done right. You want to make this happen let me know; I’m on board! (but then again, do you know I am who I say I am? I’m not SnertiFied!)

  2. Ha, thanks man. Totally agree that the trust issue is key.

  3. This is a good idea, and currently has at least one competitor:

  4. Thanks, Rob – it’s cool to see there is a real service out there dedicated to this.

    By the way – big fan of the blog, just added you to the blogroll…

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